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3MDC06 Series of Single & Multistage TE Modules


The 3MDC06 Series consists of -3-stage thermoelectric coolers with specially enlarged cold side area. 3MDC06 coolers combine standard MC06 Series technology and HD pellets placement technologies of MD06 Series. The dimensions of 3MDC06 coolers top and bottom ceramics plates are the same. This is optimal for detectors, creating of TE cooler arrays, TEC packaging and handling. New 3MDC06 TECs have up to 60% higher cooling capacity, comparing with typical solutions of the same size available on the market.

Thermoelectric coolers can be manufactured on regular and thin ceramics. It provides certain flexibility for TEC height variations. Al2O3 ceramics is applied by default, AlN ceramics is available as an option. All 3MDC06 thermoelectric coolers are RoHS compliant and qualified by Telcordia GR-486 Standard.

Typical multi-stage TECs have pyramidal shape. Each previous stage has to be larger than next one by cooing capacity. It has to pump the heat from the next stage and add additional cooling performance. In most cases it is realized by different numbers of BiTe elements per stage. Briefly, every previous stage has more elements than next one. The pyramidal form is classical and standard for many TE coolers manufacturers. But the pyramidal TEC may be not optimal. For example, in case of 4x4mm cold ceramics size, the bottom ceramics can be up 12x12mm - nine times bigger(!). If customer needs 8x8mm cold side, the dimensions of hot side are out of 20x20mm and so on. TE cooler finally is much bigger than sensitive elements of detector themselves. Thermoelectric cooler from 3MDC06 TECs step aside from it having a unique shape with hot and cold sides being equal by size.

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Fig 1 - 3MDC TE Cooler comparison
with classical shape types
Fig 2 -Example of sub-assembly on
TO-8 header, 3-stage TEC with 8x8mm2 cold side

Thermoelectric coolers MDX04 Series
Performance table at 27C, vacuum.
Performance table at 50C, N2.


Important Note: 3MDC06 Series TECs can be manufactured on standard 0.5mm and thin 0.25mm ceramics. This adds an additional flexibility to performance and height optimization in a particular application. It is also possible to combine various ceramics thicknesses to achieve the most optimal results for TEC height.

Please, use On-Line Assistant to find the most optimal thermoelectric cooler by dimensions and performance parameters. The detailed analysis of TEC performance and power consumption can be made with free TECCad software for Windows or special iTECPad app for iPad (available free on App Store).


  1. TEC Assempling
    1. Solder SnSb (Tmelt=230°C)
    2. Solder AuSn (Tmelt=280°C)
  2. Ceramics
    1. Pure Al2O3 (100%)
    2. Alumina Al2O3 (96%)
    3. Aluminum Nitride (AIN)
  1. Surface finish
    1. Blank ceramics (not metallized)
    2. Metallized (Au plating)
    3. Metallized and pre-tinned with:
      1. Solder 117 (InSn, Tmelt=117°C)
      2. Solder 138 (SnBi, Tmelt=138°C)
      3. Solder 143 (In-Ag, Tmelt=143°C)
      4. Solder 157 (In, Tmelt=157°C)
      5. Solder 183 (PbSn, Tmelt=183°C)
      6. Optional (specified by Customer)
  1. Thermosensor (optional)
    • Can be mounted to cold side ceramics edge. Calibration is available by request.
  2. Terminal contacts:
    1. Blank, tinned Copper
    2. Insulated Wires
    3. Insulated, color coded

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