Thermoelectric Cooling Solutions

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Lasers and LEDs

Laser diodes (LD) and other semiconductor lasers, light emitting diodes (LEDs) and similar radiation sources are the most common emitters used in various areas of Photonics (Optoelectronics).

The related fields of applications are very wide - transceivers in fiber-optic communication systems, high power lasers for material processing in industry, medical and biological applications, entertainment, consumer applications and others.

Many of LD applications are sensitive to ambient temperature, and moreover many of them dissipate a lot of heat during operating. The heat generated by the light sources has to be dissipated to improve the performance, wavelength stability and overall system reliability. That is why the thermal management of such devices is very important.

There is also a range of lasers, particularly for middle and far infrared spectrum range, which only operate being deeply cooled.

Thermoelectric coolers are successfully used for these applications, because of unique advantages – fast and effective thermal stabilization, bi-directional operating (cooling and heating), compact size, great reliability and long life time, no moving parts and others.

RMT provides the world largest range of thermoelectric coolers for the following applications: