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MDX Series of Single & Multistage TE Modules

MDX Series TECs are developed by RMT separately to general 2-stage thermoelectric coolers. MDX TECs have 2 stages and with the same dimensions for hot and cold sides, different to typical pyramidal shape of multistage TE coolers. There are two Series - MDX04 and MDX06. The difference is in internal elements cross-section and as a result - performance parameters and overall dimensions. The optimal balance of parameters and additional flexibility in TEC height variations by ceramics thickness allow to replace single-stage TE coolers in sensing applications keeping the same geometry.

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Example 1 - 2MDX04-014-0816 TEC on
TO-39 header, 3x3mm2 cold side
Example 2 - 2MDX04-042-0816 TEC on
TO-66 header, 5x5mm2 cold side
Example 3 - 2MDX04-102-0816 TEC on
TO-3 header, 5x5mm2 cold side

Click to explore the Series in details
Click to explore the Series in details

Hint: MDX thermoelectric coolers are not a “must-do” replacement for regular types. The decision which thermoelectric cooler to apply - from RMT standard Series or MDX - depends a lot from application. Standard TE coolers and MDX TECs may have the same dimensions but different performance and power consumption. The best choice depends from application conditions and requirements. Please, contact RMT Ltd to get the precise estimations for your application or use TECCad (Windows) or iTECPad (for iPad) software.