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Thermoelectric coolers

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MDC Series of Single & Multistage TE Modules

3MDC Series consist of 3-stage thermoelectric coolers with specially enlarged cold side area. 3MDC 3-stage thermoelectric coolers combine the standard RMT assembly technology and HD pellets placement technologies. The result is large cold ceramics area with the same size of TEC hot side. This is a key feature of 3MDC TE coolers, comparing with standard multistage TECs that have a pyramidal shape. 3MDC TECs are optimal for detector applications. 3MDC unique TEC shape also allows to form TE cooler arrays. New 3MDC TECs have up to 60% higher cooling capacity, comparing with typical solutions of the same size available on the market. There are two thermoelectric cooler series - 3MDC04 and 3MDC06. The difference is in internal elements cross-section, which affects on TEC performance and power supply parameters as well as overall dimensions.

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Fig 1 - 3MDC TE Cooler comparison
with classical shape types
Fig 2 -Example of sub-assembly on
TO-8 header, 3-stage TEC with 8x8mm2 cold side

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Hint: 3MDC thermoelectric coolers are not a “must-do” replacement for regular types. The decision which thermoelectric cooler to apply - from RMT standard Series or special MDC - depends a lot from application. Standard TE coolers and 3MDC TECs may have the same dimensions but different performance and power consumption. The best choice depends from application conditions and requirements. Please, contact RMT Ltd to get the precise estimations for your application or use TECCad (Windows) or iTECPad (for iPad) software.