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Thermoelectric sub-assemblies

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Thermoelectric Sub-Mounts

   The thermoelectric sub-assembly is a Peltier module (TE module), mounted on the header. This design is easy to integrate and has a wide range of applications: semiconductor lasers, solid-state lasers, photodetectors, CCD array sensors, X-ray receivers, etc.
   RMT Ltd. assembles Peltier modules for standard TO-type (TO5, TO8, ТО39, TO46, ТО66), «Butterfly», TOSA, HHL, DIL, MS and others headers, as well as for individual customer demanded. We advise optimal solutions for different headers as well as are ready to design best solutions for custom demanded headers.
   The table lists the solders used for mounting of Peltier modules on the headers. The solders used by RMT Ltd. stand for RoHS directive. At the request of the customer, the list of solders can be expanded.

Type of solder paste or solder

Melting temperature, °C

Sn-86.9%, In-10%, Ag-3.1%


In-97%, Ag-3%


Sn-43%, Bi-57%


Sn-48%, In-52%


   RMT Ltd offers effective solutions for mounting Peltier modules. Flux-free soldering in vacuum using a surface activator is the basic option.
   At the customer’s request, sub-assemblies can be supplied with built-in temperature sensors (miniature NTC thermistors), as well as additional accessories that are necessary for further operations carried out by the customer.