Thermoelectric Cooling Solutions

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Thermoelectricity has taken one of the company's major activity directions since RMT foundation. Our company is the producer and supplier of a wide range of thermoelectric (TE) coolers, miniatures cooling systems, components and devices on their basis.


Thermoelectric Cooling Modules

RMT supplies more than 1200 standard TEC micromodules (Peltier) types: from one-stage to multi-stage designs. The essential micromodules market feature is the variety of applications requiring a wide range of TEC types.
The TE modules are commonly applied in cooling microobjects, and multistage deep cooling designs. They are practicable tools in such areas as optoelectronics, laser technique, microelectronics etc. Here dimensionless and electrical constraints along with high reliability come to the fore.


Sub-Mounts: TE modules assemblen onto packages

RMT offers our customers the Thermoelectric Sub-Mounts - TE modules assembled into standard or optional packages. Now there are delivered TE modules mounted on the known standard TO-style, "butterfly", HHL, miniDIL packages and as customer demanded.
In a large number of applications the thermoelectric modules are integrated into packages and often into quite tiny constructions. We advise optimal solutions for different packages as well as are ready to design best solutions for custom demanded packages.


TE module simulation and modeling

The TECcad software is designed to assist users to find optimal cooling solution from the RMT's TE modules nomenclature and to be able to perform estimations of operational parameters.
The software contains the subroutines yielding calculation results:

  • Performance TECs of standard RMT's types
  • Optimal mode TEC characterizing
  • TEC performance under the varying heat load
  • Searching of optimal TECs among standard types


New! RMT Ltd introduces new series of miniature TEC Temperature Controllers Series DX5100. The series is based on modular concept which allows to provide different models of OEM TEC controllers by number of controlled TECs from one, two channels up to complex systems of 32 channels, TEC power, thermosensor types, operation modes and so on.
DX5100 TEC Controllers have built-in algorithms of TEC diagnostics and auto-tuning of PID regulation.


Z-Meters: ACR, Z, DTmax, Time Constant are available

Z-Meters - devices for express examination of performance and reliability parameters of TE modules.
Z-Meters have extended capabilities, many useful functions for fast and accurate testing of various types of thermoelectric modules.
TEC Expert - complex device for detailed examining of thermoelectric cooling modules, measurement of their various performance parameters. The DX8020 provides automatic capability to measure full specifications of a TE module at one measuring cycle in given ambient conditions.