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The International Thermoelectric Society promotes thermoelectric industry, science and engineering; carries out informational collection and exchange, measurement systematization, materials and devices comparison; solicit wider involvement and gives a grounding for thermoelectricity insight and achievements.

The International Thermoelectric Society

The European Thermoelectric Society (ETS) is a non-profit scientific association, founded in 1995 as a regional organization of the International Thermoelectric Society (ITS).

European Thermoelectric Society

The International Thermoelectric Academy  is formed for concentrating scientific potential on thermoelectric problems solutions. that are of international importance, for training personnel in thermoelectricity and for protection legal, social, economic, creative and other interests of its members.

Bureau of International Thermoelectric Academy, Box 86, General Post Office, Chernivtsi, 58002, Ukraine

Laser Association promotes the information exchange in the laser field by publishing special bulletins, reference-books, catalogues, by organizing laser exhibitions and workshops, etc.; helps in establishing of mutually useful and beneficial contacts between LAS members and with LAS members, acts as an independent expert and consultant on lasers and laser applications in Russia and other former USSR countries.

LAS, P.B.27, Moscow, 117485, Russia
Phone: 7-095-923-5375 Fax: 7-095-924-8742
E-mail:, www:
President of LAS - Prof.Ivan B.Kovsh

Optec-Berlin-Brandenburg (OpTecBB) is an initiative of companies, universities and scientific institutes to strengthening the economic power of the Berlin-Brandenburg (Germany) region through joint activities using the potential of the optical technologies

Rudower Chaussee 25
12489 Berlin