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Measurement of Properties

A large number of research centers and manufacturing companies in the world are involved in the research and manufacture of thermoelectric products. 

In all the cases, the topical and important concern is the measurement and research of parameters of thermoelectric products and thermoelectric materials.

Thermoelectric modules are semiconductor products. The semiconductor materials they are made of have thermoelectric properties. Therefore, the applications and research require special facilities and equipment for these properties control.

For the thermoelectric material it is necessary to measure the parameters:

  • Seebeck coefficient α
  • Electrical conductivity σ
  • Thermal conductivity κ
  • Figure-of-Merit of material Z (Z= α² x σ/κ)

For thermoelectric modules, in particular coolers, there is a need to monitor and measure the following parameters:

  • Figure-of Merit of module.
  • Temperature difference. The limit value is the maximum temperature difference.
  • Cooling capacity. Maximum cooling capacity.
  • Operating current. Maximum current.
  • Operating voltage. Maximum voltage.

The company RMT has developed and manufactures a unique range of the measuring equipment for these purposes.

  • For measurements of bulk thermoelectric materials in the form of ingots and wafers - robotic device DX8070 TEC Probe for measuring electric conductivity and thermoelectric power (Seebeck coefficient) .
  • For detailed studies of thermoelectric materials - DX8080 TEM Expert provides a measurement of the electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and thermoelectric power in a wide temperature range.
  • For detailed studies of thermoelectric modules - DX8020 TES Expert provides measurement of thermoelectric modules in a wide temperature range and with the ability to simulate the working conditions.
  • Family of Z-meters provides quick control basic specs parameters of thermoelectric modules.

In addition, PMT has a number of special instruments and measuring devices for thermoelectric products for various customer tasks. The company also provides custom requested research on thermoelectric properties. And provides expert investigations on request.

Contact RMT for advice on the use and purchase of necessary test equipment for thermoelectrics.