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Control by Thermoelectric Cooling Modules

In all the applications thermoelectric Peltier coolers (TECs) provide precise temperature control and long work of various devices. A thermoelectric cooling module is a semiconductor device. A number of unique properties make it significantly different from other elements and devices that can provide temperature control (for example, a resistive heater).

  • First of all, unlike resistive heaters, a thermoelectric module is a device with bi-directional functionality. It can, as the cooling and heating the objects by simply changing the direction of DC current. Therefore, the TEC could easily keep the temperature above and below ambient. Thus bi-directional control electronics is required.
  • Secondly, this is an active semiconductor device. Management of TEC by alternating current or current with high pulsation increase power consumption and reduces efficiency.
  • A TEC is a very precise device. It can provide control of temperature with a precision of 0.01-0.001°C or better. A high-precision temperature sensor should be chosen.
  • TEC is a very fast device. It can provide both cooling and heating with a rate of ones and tens of degrees per second. Fast TECs produced by RMT have time constant less than a second.

You can use a thermoelectric module effectively, if it is controled by special electronic controllers-TEC controllers.

RMT offers DX5100 family of controllers in different versions for thermoelectric modules.

The company produces:

A special feature of RMT’s DX5100 controller family is a modular concept that provides customers with the best options for specific applications of the standard items. It allows creating complex systems of many controllers. RMT controllers are based on the digital control that provides an ability to set the complex management tasks.

It is also possible to create special controllers and systems based on them.

On any  questions of the use and development of specific solutions, please contact RMT.