Thermoelectric Cooling Solutions

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Thermoelectric coolers

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Standard Options

A range of standard options of RMT TE Modules is available:


The following finish of cold and hot sides of TE modules is available:

  • Clear (naked) ceramics
  • Metallized (gold plating or Ni/Sn)
  • Metallized and pre-tinned surfaces.

A range of solders can be applied for pre-tinning by request. Different types of cold and hot side finish are available on request, for instance, gold plated hot side and naked ceramics cold side.

Solders for pre-tinning/ composition/ melting point °C
Lead-Tin-Bismuth Pb-25%,Sn-25%,Bi-50% 94
Indium-Tin In-52%,Sn-48% 117
Bismuth-Tin Bi-57%, Sn-43% 138
Indium In-100% 157
Tin-Lead-Silver Sn-62%,Pb-36%, Ag-2% 179
Lead-Tin Pb-37%, Sn-63% 183
Tin-Zinc Sn-95%, Zn-5% 199
Tin-Silver-Copper Sn-95,5%, Ag-3,8%, Cu-0,7% 217

Ni plated with Sn(Bi)

Gold plated

Clear (naked)

Metallized and


All standard TECs are produced in accordance with the requirements of RoHS (Directive 2002/95/EC on restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment). RMT standard TECs do not contain restricted substances. They are Lead-Free and are marked correspondingly.

Ordering of «noncompliant» TECs must be specified by customer.