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Standard Perfomance Plots

Detailed analysis of TE modules can be done with the use of TE module performance plots

Common view of Standard Plots windows of TECCad

There is a set of following standard performance plots.

Temperature difference versus current (DT vs I) shows dependence of DT provided by TE module on current. The curve has a maximim at Imax which is specified above.

Since operating at or very near the peak is relatively inefficient, most devices are operated somewhere between 40% and 80 % of Imax.

Heat pumping capacity versus temperature difference (Qc vs DT) shows direct dependence between cooling capacity and available DT at various currents up to Imax.

If the required cooling capacity is known for a specific application then the plot allows estimating available DT at various currents

Voltage versus temperature difference (U vs DT). This plot demonstrates available DT at applied voltage.

The plot allows a User to estimate power (current and voltage) if the required DT is known.

C.O.P. versus temperature difference (COP vs DT).The plot allows a User to estimate roughly optimal DT to apply a TE module.

Once the three major parameters DT, Th and Qc are chosen, one additional criteria is to be considered. It is Coefficient of Performance (C.O.P.) The C.O.P. is given by :

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