Thermoelectric Cooling Solutions

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Company Presentation 2011 Presentation_RMT.pdf (30296 kB)


TEC Controllers DX5100

DX5100 TableTop Quick StartDX5100-Table_Top_Quick_Start_V1.03.pdf (2431 Kb)
DX5100 Frame Quick StartDX5100-Frame_Quick_Start_V1.04.pdf (2429 Kb)
DX5100 OEM Quick StartDX5100_OEM_Quick_Start_V1.04.pdf (2179 Kb)
DX5100 ManualDX5100_Manual_V3.37.pdf (3035 Kb)
DX5100 Vision SoftwareDX5100 Vision ( Setup.exe (15 Mb)
DX5100 Vision Software User`s GuideDX5100_Vision_User's_Guide_V1.02.pdf (5323 Kb)
Developer Tools [+]

Z-Meter DX4xxx series

DX4190 ManualDX4190 Technical Manual V110 eng.pdf (2820 Kb)
DX4165/DX4190 SoftwareZMeterDX4190setup.exe (3484 Kb)
DX4065 ManualDX4065_Manual_r2.10.pdf (0 Kb)
DX4090 ManualDX4090 Technical Manual V103.pdf (2183 Kb)
DX4095 ManualDX4095 Technical Manual V102.pdf (1496 Kb)
DX4065/DX4090 SoftwareZ-Meter II Setup (4112 Kb)

Thermostatic chamber DX2100

ManualThermostat DX2100 V1 eng.pdf (2380 Kb)
SoftwareDX2100 Setup.exe (5692 Kb)

TEC Expert DX8020

ManualUser Guide DX8020-120.pdf (17 Mb)
Assembling InstructionDX8020 Assembling Instruction 2010.pdf (18 Mb)
SoftwareDX8020Setup.exe (1752 Kb)

TEM Expert DX8080

ManualDX8080 User Guide r1.00.pdf (2340 Kb)
SoftwareDX8080Setup.exe (1260 Kb)

TEM Probe DX8070

ManualDX8070 User Guide r1.00.pdf (1400 Kb)
SoftwareDX8070 v2 Setup.exe (2672 Kb)


DX6100 Series Modular Gas Analyzer DX6100 Manual r2.10.pdf (1512 kB)
DX6100 OEM Gas Analyzer DX6100OEM Manual r2.10.pdf (2238 kB)
DX6106 Optical Units for Gas Analyzers DX6106 Manual r1.10.pdf (827 kB)
DX6220 User Manual r1.0.pdf DX6220_Manual_r._1.00.pdf (3066 kB)
DX7000 Plus Film Thickness Monitor DX7000 Plus Manual r2.10.pdf (1800 kB)
DX3065 Z-Meter (RS232 option) DX3045 Manual r1.00.pdf (738 kB)
Film Thickness Monitor DX7000Plus Series DX7000Plus.pdf (666 kB)
OPRi-4239 (Carbon Dioxide) OPRi2-4239.pdf (78 kB)
OPRi-3439 (Hydrocarbons) OPRi2-3439.pdf (74 kB)
OPRi-3230 (Methane) OPRi2-3230.pdf (73 kB)
Optoelectronic products for Gas Analysis OPTO2005.pdf (4273 kB)
Chapter 1 "Optopairs" OPTO2005 1.pdf (1511kB)
Chapter 2 "Gas Analyzers and parts" OPTO2005 2.pdf (2476 kB)
DX6100 Vision II r1.31 DX6100 Vision II r.1.31 Setup.exe (4404 kB)
DX7000 Vision r1.0 DX7000VisionSetup10.exe (2707 kB)


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