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Oct 31, 2022

   RMT would like to inform valuable partners about expansion of the product line with the new series of multi-purpose large scale thermoelectric modules which are immediately available for orders.

   For over 27 years RMT played important role at the world market with several series of micro- and mini-modules of more than 3000 different types to meet any customer request. Offering the highest customization based on full cycle manufacturing and in-house R&D and design capabilities resulted in the most optimal design solutions and shortest lead times for the customers which positioned RMT on the worldwide thermoelectric market.

   Today RMT can also offer multi-purpose thermoelectric modules with overall dimensions up to 50×50 mm2. Multi-purpose modules are used in large heat absorption applications such as large infrared sensors, deep cooled CMOS and CCD sensors, powerful lasers, PCR tests, physical and chemical appliances. Customers can choose single- and multistage multi-purpose modules depending on technical requirements. Moreover, product line expansion includes cycling modules, sealed modules as well as modules with holes and customized metallization pattern and shapes. Additionally, new product line offers great opportunities for energy harvesting when thermoelectric modules are used as power generators transferring heat into electric power which opens wide applications in various industries.

   Please contact RMT concerning new series of multi-purpose TECs and selection of the most optimal TEC solutions.

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