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Jul 17, 2019

   RMT has improved the TEC designation system.

   RMT produces a wide range of TECs. More than 2000 different TEC types are available in the standard product range. In addition to the standard types of TECs, the company has the ability to develop and produce non-standard types of TECs that best meet requirements of customers. With the development of technologies and incoming requests from customers, the range of manufactured TECs is increasing, so the TEC designation system should be improved and updated.

   Previously, there was already one update in the TEC designation system, which took into account the latest developments and recent achievements of RMT. It was associated with the introduction into production of optional TECs series with functional features and intended for non-standard conditions and special applications.

   Now the RMT TEC designation system update takes into account not only the functional features, but also the design features of TECs, such as polarity, type of TEC’s contacts and internal solder. In accordance with the updated RMT TEC designation system, the basic standard TEC is a module with direct polarity, with the lead wires, aluminum nitride (AlN) ceramics and assembled using Sn-Sb (230°C) solder. TECs that have the other design and the functional features have the additional letters in the designation. All the TECs features that appear in their designations are shown in the table below.

Description of functional or design features

Additional letters in TEC designation

TECs with holes


TECs with parylene coating


Black body


Thermoelectric generators


TECs for SMD mounting


TECs for applications in which TEC’s top ceramics is rigidly connected with materials having high coefficient of thermal expansion


Cycling TECs


High Z TECs for the low temperatures (less than room temperature)

High Z TECs for the room temperature

High Z TECs for the high temperatures (more than 50°C)




TECs resistant to storage in humid environment


TECs with strengthened barrier layers


TECs with reversed polarity


TECs with wire bonding posts


TECs with wire bonding pads


TECs with Au-Sn (280°C) internal solder


Revision number of TEC’s drawing

v1 (v2, v3 …)


   For example, TEC type 1MD02-018-03, assembled using improved material for high temperatures Z3 and solder Au-Sn (280°C), with reversed polarity and wire bonding posts, is named 1MD02-018-03/Z3/AS/RP/PO.

   In this way, the TEC designation system becomes more orderly and prevents a possible confusion. For example, if there are TECs of the same TEC type, but assembled using different solders – Sn-Sb (230°C) and Au-Sn (280°C), then their designations differ from one another: TECs with Au-Sn (280°C) solder have additional letters AS.

RMT introduces an improved TEC designation system gradually. So far, the updated designations will be assigned only to newly developed TECs. For current orders, due to agreements with customers, the former TEC designation remains. However, at the request of customers, it will be possible to rename TECs in the current orders, for which a new designation will necessarily be coordinated with the customer.

   As the TEC designation system being improved, the update of the RMT Products site section containing the specifications and datasheets of the standard TEC types is underway.

   For more details about the new TEC designation system, please, contact RMT.

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