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Jul 13, 2018

   Earlier we announced that RMT engineers have achieved outstanding results by developing new improved thermoelectric materials. And now RMT is expanding this direction for different technical solutions. New high Z series of TECs with improved TE materials can be used in a wide variety of applications.

   It is well known that depending on TE material composition thermoelectric figure of merit Z can reach a maximum at various temperatures. Therefore, TE material that is effective for one temperature range is not optimal for another temperature range. So most TEC applications can be divided into 3 groups depending on the temperature range in which the TECs operate (see the Table below). For each group RMT offers TECs with the most optimal TE material.

TECs series





High Z TECs

for low temperature applications

(less than room temperature)

Multistage TECs

which operate at a large temperature differences

(for example,

TECs for X-ray detectors)

ΔTmax is higher by 2-3 °С;

AC R is higher by 5-10%

from the standard RMT datasheet


High Z TECs

for applications at room temperatures

Powerful TECs

with low TE pellets height

(for example, 0.3 mm)

High Z without changing AC R from the standard RMT datasheet


High Z TECs

for high temperature applications

(higher than room temperature)

TECs for telecom

Energy consumption

is lower by 15% or more;

AC R is lower by 5-10%

from the standard

RMT datasheet


   New series of TECs, which have the corresponding additional letters in the serial numbering system (for example, 1MD02-018-03AN-Z3), are available for orders.

   Please contact RMT concerning high Z series of TECs and for selection of most optimal TEC solutions.

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