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May 16, 2018

    RMT is one of the few TEC manufacturers that have in-house technology for thermoelectric materials. RMT is proud to announce further enhancement of its own technology for manufacturing N- and P-types thermoelectric materials for TECs and launches new series with improved parameters.

    The efforts of RMT engineers to modernize existing technology have resulted in success and allowed to improve characteristics of TE materials. This led to prompt improvement of TEC’s performance.

    Improvement of TEC parameters using the new technology as compared to the old are given in the table.

TEC’s parameters changing


(on the average)

  Increase of thermoelectric figure of merit Z


  Increase of maximum temperature difference ΔTmax

  - single stage TECs

  - multi-stage TECs




  Growth of COP,

  Energy consumption reduction

not less than 5%,

up to 15%


    Qualification tests of TECs with improved thermoelectric materials completed with positive results. The modernized technology for N- and P-types thermoelectric materials is launched into mass production.

    Please contact RMT concerning TECs with improved thermoelectric materials.

    Furthermore, RMT developments to improve thermoelectric materials have not been completed and in the near future we are expecting new significant results in this field.

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