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Feb 16, 2018

     RMT has developed TECs with option especially for SMD mounting. These TECs can be mounted on printed circuit boards (PCB), ceramic boards, hybrid integrated circuits, etc. by standard SMD method.
     The distinctive feature of TECs for SMD is that their contact pads are on the external side of the bottom ceramic plate. For connecting such TECs to the power supply, special vias (transitional holes) in the TEC’s ceramic bottom plates are used (Fig.1).

Fig.1. Typical TEC design for SMD mounting (bottom view)

     TECs can be mounted on PCB or ceramic boards using standard SMD technology. To remove heat from the hot surface of the TEC during its operation, place for heatsink must be provided on the board (Fig.2). 

Fig.2. Typical view of TEC for SMD mounted on ceramic board (heatsink for TEC is provided)

      RMT is one of the few manufacturers that can produce TECs for SMD mounting. RMT is able to manufacture such TECs for the customer's request thanks to the following in-house technologies:
- TEC’s ceramics board technology, including the vias in the TEC’s ceramic plates;
- TEC assembling technology using high-temperature solder Au80%Sn20% with 280oC melting point, so that the TECs can withstand SMD mounting temperatures.
     Please contact RMT concerning TECs for SMD, particularly for selection of most optimal TEC solutions.

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