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Matrix Photodetectors

Matrix photodetectors are a large number of discrete photodetectors arranged in a single row (linear arrays) or a two-dimensional matrix.

Number of photosensitive elements in the device can be from a few tens to even hundreds of thousands discrete “pixels”. The continuous development of technology leads to an increase in the number of elements and the degree of integration.

Photodetector matrices are applied inimage transmission devices, night vision, thermal imaging cameras, etc.

By physical principles they are semiconductor light detectors, the same as discrete photodetectors types PbS and PbSe, CdHgTe or InSb.

To ensure their functionality, the cooling and thermal stabilizing are required where thermoelectric Peltier coolers (TECs) are widely used. However, substantial and additional technical requirements for thermal management are the following:

  • Homogeneity of temperature field to ensure identical conditions of discrete elements in a matrix.
  • High accuracy thermal stabilization.
  • The increased heat load due to the presence of a large number of individual photodetectors and large size of the matrix.

For the matrix of Photodetectors multi-stage thermoelectric coolers with large size and high cooling capacity are required.

RMT has developed and produces special series of multistage TEC cooler for matrix photodetectors.

Series of two-stage thermoelectric cooling modules with enlarged cold side 2MDX04 and 2MDX06 provide maximal cooling with temperature difference 95-98 °C, that allows keeping operational temperature in a range of -40...-50 °C. The cold side dimensions are up to 11х11 mm2.

For deeper cooling we recommend special three-stage TEC series 3MDC04 and 3MDC06.

The company RMT also advises complete solutions – TECs mounted onto standard and customized packages suitable for matrix devices use.

All the products are manufactured in whole conformity with the standard of reliability Telcordia GR468 Core. The modules of RMT are fully compliant with RoHS и REACH requirements.

To select suitable solution and the optimal TEC for an application, the supporting Online TEC Assistance is available at RMT’s website. For detailed modeling and calculations the company RMT provides our customers by free software TEC Cad or iTECPad.

And contact RMT for advice and assistance.