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Reliability Testing

Thermoelectric modules are unique products with high reliability and capacity for long-term work in different conditions and without any services. 

The typical minimum service life time of thermoelectric modules is 200 000 - 300 000 hours of continuous operation. In practice it can be much longer.

In many applications of thermoelectric modules this property of long term reliability is the most demanded.

However, special techniques and equipment are required for verification and confirmation of such long-term reliability. To confirm the long-term reliability, there are general requirements and test methods. For example, optoelectronics General requirements, Telcordia GR468 Core.

The company RMT manufactures test equipment for such purposes. In particular, a special system which is a key one to confirm the reliability - burn-in test machine.

The DX5300 test system ensures simultaneous long-term test of up to 24 thermoelectric modules by the program and the temperature conditions specified by the customer. This provides continuous monitoring of the parameters of efficiency of modules over a long period of tests and test reports.

Detailed control of parameters of thermoelectric modules before and after testing is done by a unique complex measuring equipment with the ability to analyze the causes and mechanisms of failure.

The company RMT also provides particular testing of thermoelectric products of customers, and conducts expert investigations on request.

Contact RMT for consulting on application and purchase of the test equipment.